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Centering around speculative fiction, this video project explores the implications of having all of your personal information out in the open on social media.


My objective was to create a fake social media site to supplement the premise of our team's video project concept.


Director & UI Designer


  • Interactive mock-up

  • Video


1 Week

PiP Concept.png

Logo Concepts &​ Wire-framing

The premise of our video revolved around the question "what would a futuristic society by like if everyone's private information were out in the open?" 

We figured social media would still be a prevalent thing; what would set PiP apart from others would be how it utilizes people's information in order to pair like-minded individuals with each other to interact with and find friends.

With this mindset, it was to believed that being exclusively surrounded by people who are "almost like you in every single way", would prevent overall conflict within interpersonal relationships.

The logo and title was a play on the phrase "two peas in a pod". I wanted to make the interface and logo look as cute and friendly as possible so it wouldn't look ominous at first glance.

PiP Color Palette.png

Typefaces & Color Palette

I wanted to use a more decorative and rounded font for the headers and logo to keep the design visually fun and light-hearted.


Using green as the main color of the palette was particularly important as most real companies that use it for their brand intend for it to help portray the feeling of genuineness, trust, and overall stability of the company. 


Peas are also green, obviously.


A short video showcasing the interactive prototype of the app used in the final video.

Web and Phone Mock_PiP.png

Mock-up of splash page & mobile messenger

Final Video | Product

The final video with the PiP prototype incorporated.


For this assignment, we were required to have over 12 still images and one moving image with sound. I made the high-fidelity prototype interactive so it could be used for the moving image requirement.

The finalized story focused on a realistic issue that may happen if all your personal information is accessible in one place. In this case, online stalking and identity theft has occurred despite government regulation.

All in all...the execution was a bit cheesy. But the team had fun with it!