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Hello there!


I am a visual designer and illustrator from Seattle, WA. I have a background in Graphic Design and am currently studying Interactive Media Design at the University of Washington. Various coursework I've been involved in provided heavy focus on collaborative designing for better interactive user experiences and products.


I am a firm believer of keeping the core idea in mind and strive to be able to communicate my designs in a way that is visually simple and concise. Also a child at heart, my illustration work typically takes on a more whimsical approach.


My ultimate goal through whatever project I'm involved in is to make a positive impact in the world, whether big or small.

Whenever I'm not drawing or doing anything particularly artsy,

I spend my time obsessing over anime/cartoons, caring for my various cacti & succulents, spending time with my loved ones, and exploring whatever new and obscure thing I'm into.